[Mono-list] Javascript and Mono

Jeroen Janssen japj@xs4all.nl
Mon, 06 Jan 2003 23:10:10 +0100

Andrew Stopford wrote:

>Hi Jeroen,
>I have started to document the code and have added the following mods.
>* Fixed issue that was preventing code from compiling.
>* Fixed issue where no parameters to the compiler caused a crash, it now errors cleanly
>* Added header info to compiler, I have based it around the header info in the mono compiler, not sure if the info is correct it will need checking.
>In order to get these mods in the code (when the code is on CVS) I am assuming I will need to create a patch, (never made one before so) for that I will need some help :)
I already added the code to CVS. So if you have a CVS account you can 
check it out.
Miguel: Maybe it is also interesting to put janet on the anonymous cvs 

Anyway, I think it's important that you have a look at how I put it in 
CVS and see if you (and Steve) agree on this.
(note that I put JCommand in the Test directory and all other .cs files 
in the janet directory).
I also added 'dummy' Microsft.JScript implementation (throwing not 
implemented things).

Also, watchout for 'local' editing too much, it might mean you will need 
to manually merge things.

As far as I know, I imported the sources directly as been posted by 
Miguel (snapshot from Steve).

I have not made any changes to the janet sources(yet).. instead I have 
submitted two bugs for mcs (so hopefully Miguel or other monkey will 
solve those soon :)

>I don't have a CVS account yet?
You need to contact Miguel about this (see his email).
Jeroen Janssen