[Mono-list] Re: Javascript and Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jan 2003 16:40:08 -0500


> In the JANET source, the files JPrimitive.cs, JObjects.cs, and
> JRuntime.cs are essentially all "helper code" in this sense.  The
> other files are only needed for compilation (and operations like
> "eval"), but these three files, two of which are fairly large, are
> needed to support the compiled code.
> One key point is that currently, JANET generates a call to the support
> library for every operation.  This is because so far I've only
> implemented ECMAScript 3, which doesn't include type declarations.  In
> JScript, you may have type information at compile time, in which case
> the support library operations can often be optimized away.  I haven't
> tried to address that yet in JANET.

I think that optimizations can wait for the compiler to be complete. 
First we reach full compatibility, then we can look into improving it.

> Slightly off-topic: can anyone point me at a complete specification
> for JScript.NET?  Failing that, is there a reasonably complete
> reference manual that can be used in lieu of a specification?  The
> last time I looked on the Microsoft site (which was a while ago), all
> I could find was a brief "introduction to JScript" -- not very
> satisfying if you're trying to produce your own language
> implementation.

A wild guess (because I do not have my .NET Framework while traveling),
is that the reference section of the .NET documentation contains it.  I
have seen it for VB and C#.