[Mono-list] Javascript and Mono

Andrew Stopford Astopford@beta.dabs.com
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 19:29:07 -0000

Hi Miguel,
Thanks for clearing up my questions on namespace's :)
Steve thanks for the license info and for sorting those notes out :) Another question that has sprung to mind is what is the end goal of the compiler, to be compatible wih JScript.NET or compatible with ECMA 3, obviously JScript.NET is (almost) compliant with ECMA 3 but do we intend to be closer to that mark?
Thanks also for the info on the System.Refelection namespace (thanks also Jeroen :), I do think the class status system makes it a little confusing. Is there anyway we can see clearly see what the status of a class is and (based on other posts I have seen) who is working on a class? Anyway we can tie this to the CVS checkin?

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	Hello Andrew,
	> Jeroen thanks for helping out with this :) The directory structure
	> sounds on CVS sounds great to me. The wrapper for Microsft.Jscript
	> also sounds like a good idea however are we ok to name change
	> namepaces that prefix with Microsoft? I can't see it not being ok :)
	> but I am just wondering?
	We should use the same namespace to keep compatibility with the
	Microsoft API.
	>  We do need to consider the license, Miguel can you see if Steve is ok
	> with the license change and if he would like to join the effort? When
	> the questions start it will be jolly handy to have him about :) Can
	> you also ask him for the Todo's as well, if the code is close to ECMA
	> 3 then that one of the things we should be able to achieve fairly
	> quickly.
	Steve has agreed to change the license and said (on a separate post on
	the list) that he will reformat his existing notes and post them for the
	sake of those working on the compiler.
	> Miguel you have said you would  like the compiler to use
	> System.Reflection, I had a look at the class status and this namespace
	> does not appear to be started/in progress? Or I am wrong about that?
	System.Reflection is one of those pieces in Mono that is very advanced,
	as the Mono C# compiler depends entirely on it to get its work done.
	Note also that the class status pages only show what is missing from a
	class or what has known problems.  If a class is fully implemented, it
	will not show up on the class status page (this is something that we
	should probably make more obvious at some point, because its becoming