[Mono-list] OT: GTK+ on windows

Scott Blomfield sblomfi@fstcredit.com
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 10:39:41 -0600

This is getting considerably offtopic...

I do not think that GTK is capable of doing what you want...
However, the merits of doing or not doing so aside, if you still want to
continue that course of action, here are several toolkits that might do it.

wxWindows uses native widget sets; however MacOS (9/X) ports are not
particularly stable yet (if that matters to you). http://www.wxwindows.org/

I have also heard that FLTK either uses or has an option to use native
widgets; but I have not been able to verify this.

For more information on toolkits (caution; only procede with a VERY large
grain of salt at hand) then you might try the following article:

Happy to help.

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It's not a mater of using themes. It's about using windows-provided methods
for rendering some widgets (menu bars, owner drawn buttons, scrollbars,
perhaps listviews, treeviews, etc.)

For me, for the app to be usable on Windows it must have standard Windows
menu and standard scroll bars, that behave exactly the way MS gives them to
you. The behavious isn't consistent among different versions of Windows, but
there are APIs that let you make use of it.

I remember I've made an application 4 years ago (using Win32, for Win98),
never recompiled it and today it's taking full advantage of all additions MS
has made to Windows GUI. I don't use fancy features like sliding or fading
menu bars but some people do.

The real question is: since GTK seems to draw all widgets by itself, is it
EVER possible to use Windows-provided methods in (at least) some cases?


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> I don't think static linking is a good idea for something as big and
> as gtk+ and gtk#.
> Have you looked at the pretty GTK+ 2.0 runtime for windows from 
> dropline? http://www.dropline.net/jade/download.html
> They even have a pretty GTK+ 2.0 runtime for linux too.
> GTK+ allows it to be themeable and customable.  However, the default 
> GTK+ look
> and feel of gtk+ is ugly.
> How does one customize gtk+ to look nicer?
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> This is VERY Off Topic, but some of you guys seem to be very familiar 
> with GTK, so maybe you can clarify things for me:
> I've installed GTK# and GTK+ on Windows and have some questions. The 
> whole idea of having GTK+/GTK# on Windows is cool, but:
> 1. Is it possible to statically compile GTK+ programs (using C, not 
> C#) so they wouldn't require few megs of DLLs? I assume that by static 
> linking
> functions that are actually used would get linked in.
> 2. As a long-time Windows user, I don't like the way GTK+ renders 
> menus, buttons and scrollbars. Is it possible to:
> - use standard windows menus and menu bars (perhaps with owner-draw
> instead of custom-drawn? No matter how much time you're going to spend 
> emulating windows l&f, you're never gonna get it. MS seems to change 
> the feel of menus with every win version and by using owner draw 
> mechanism you can adhere to it.
> - use standard windows buttons instead of GTK buttons. You can also 
> use owner draw here, and it gives you the correct behaviour.
> 3. As a long-time Win32 programmer I have some questions:
> - Is it possible to use standard windows colors. There are 2 Win32 
> APIs
> GetSysColor() and GetSysColorBrush() that can be used to achieve this.
> - Is it possible (in general) to use CreateWindow()-based controls as 
> widgets with GTK+ windows. In particular is it possible to use 
> windowed ActiveX controls?
> Jarek
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