[Mono-list] Javascript and Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jan 2003 03:24:13 -0500

Hello Andrew,
> Jeroen thanks for helping out with this :) The directory structure
> sounds on CVS sounds great to me. The wrapper for Microsft.Jscript
> also sounds like a good idea however are we ok to name change
> namepaces that prefix with Microsoft? I can't see it not being ok :)
> but I am just wondering?

We should use the same namespace to keep compatibility with the
Microsoft API.

>  We do need to consider the license, Miguel can you see if Steve is ok
> with the license change and if he would like to join the effort? When
> the questions start it will be jolly handy to have him about :) Can
> you also ask him for the Todo's as well, if the code is close to ECMA
> 3 then that one of the things we should be able to achieve fairly
> quickly. 

Steve has agreed to change the license and said (on a separate post on
the list) that he will reformat his existing notes and post them for the
sake of those working on the compiler.
> Miguel you have said you would  like the compiler to use
> System.Reflection, I had a look at the class status and this namespace
> does not appear to be started/in progress? Or I am wrong about that? 

System.Reflection is one of those pieces in Mono that is very advanced,
as the Mono C# compiler depends entirely on it to get its work done. 

Note also that the class status pages only show what is missing from a
class or what has known problems.  If a class is fully implemented, it
will not show up on the class status page (this is something that we
should probably make more obvious at some point, because its becoming