[Mono-list] Javascript and Mono

Andrew Stopford Astopford@beta.dabs.com
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 17:02:26 -0000

Happy  New Year to everybody :)
Jeroen thanks for helping out with this :) The directory structure sounds on CVS sounds great to me. The wrapper for Microsft.Jscript also sounds like a good idea however are we ok to name change namepaces that prefix with Microsoft? I can't see it not being ok :) but I am just wondering?
We do need to consider the license, Miguel can you see if Steve is ok with the license change and if he would like to join the effort? When the questions start it will be jolly handy to have him about :) Can you also ask him for the Todo's as well, if the code is close to ECMA 3 then that one of the things we should be able to achieve fairly quickly. 
I do want to document the C# code that we have at the moment (another reason for Steves presence) I think this well help us understand the compiler as is now so the migration to IL will hopefully be easier and will also help us document the compiler. 
Jeroen I would be interested to hear your ideas on the approach to migrate the compiler to IL and how we can host the compiler as a class. 
Miguel you have said you would  like the compiler to use System.Reflection, I had a look at the class status and this namespace does not appear to be started/in progress? Or I am wrong about that? 
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	Miguel de Icaza wrote:
	>>Where exactly do we want to add this (also with regards to implementing
	>>Microsoft.JScript) - directory?.
	>>Do we want to add this 'as' Microsoft.JScript, or do we want to 'glue'
	>>this in with a Microsoft.JScript wrapper that calls JANET?
	>Initially, we should host Janet on its own module, for the sake of
	>keeping it on its own release schedule.
	>Once it matures, we can probably move it into `mcs/class/Janet', and
	>then put the bridge/compatibility classes in
	Ok, so that means I need to add a janet module to cvs at the same level
	as mcs, mono, gtk-sharp, etc (am I allowed to do that?)?
	Some more questions:
	* The current JANET license is GPL, is that ok? (since I think the class
	libraries are distributed under the MIT license)
	* is it's name (in CVS) janet, Janet, JANET, or something else?
	* is the current split in assemblies ok (PrettyPrinter.dll,
	JPrimitive.dll, JObjects.dll, etc)? or should we have a single JANET
	* do you have Steve's 'TODO' list?
	* I would like to have a directory structure similar to the way it will
	eventually be put under mcs/class, so I'm thinking of the following
	directory structure, is this ok? (you need to strip the module name off
	everything for things to be put under /mcs/class):
	janet/ (module)
	janet/janet/ (Assembly topdir)
	janet/janet/janet/ (janet itself)
	janet/janet/Test/ (tests)
	janet/Microsoft.JScript/ (Assembly topdir)
	janet/Microsoft.JScrtip/Microsoft.JScript/ (bridge/compatility classes)
	janet/Microsoft.JScrtip/Tests (tests)
	* Does anyone have any pointers to reference documentation (ECMAScript
	3), test programs, etc?
	* Andrew: did you have any time yet, to work on this? (since you
	mentioned you were interested to work on this)
	Best regards,
	Jeroen Janssen