[Mono-list] replacement for mscoree.dll

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 13:55:36 +0100

On 01/03/03 Jeroen Janssen wrote:
> >This is possible (there is an entry in the PE file that is used by the
> >loader as the directory in Microsoft.NET\Framework\), but it's not an
> >acceptable solution, because it would make programs generated by mono
> >non-runnable with the ms runtime.
> >
> Not perse, I think this also works for MS (when you have both MS .NET 
> 1.0 and 1.1 installed) - but I'm not exactly sure.
> The following article explains some things, but I haven't read it 
> entirely yet so it might be me misunderstanding things.
> http://www.fawcette.com/vsm/2002_12/magazine/columns/desktopdeveloper/default_pf.asp

It looks like it may work if we provide a config file for each
application, but this would make deployment harder: without the config
file the program won't run.


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