Dealing with csproj files was Re: [Mono-list] Compiling C# code with Mono.

Rafael Teixeira
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 08:38:50 -0200

Do we have a tool to convert csproj files to make/nant files? In truth a
xslt transform would do, because a csproj is a xml file, do we have one?

If not I'll do it.

And about a tool to drive mcs from a csproj, do we have it? Would it be

It's interesting but less so, because only people working in Windows/VS.NET,
that would like to recompile with mcs would need it, but as the whole thing
is to make the binaries fully compatible, why recompile? Maybe for testing
mcs, but then the first solution, static conversion, would do, I think...

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