Re[2]: [Mono-list] compiling myodbc app on linux

mind mind <>
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 15:18:38 +0100



yes, it's very good article on MySQL & .NET

DM> The ODBC add-on suppport as Microsoft.Data.Odbc came out after .NET 1.0
DM> Framework was released.  The .NET Framework 1.1 includes ODBC support as
DM> System.Data.Odbc and is now part of the System.Data.dll assembly.

didn't know that one, good to know it.

DM> As for the compile error saying it could not find OdbcConnection, did you
DM> reference the System.Data.dll assembly?

of course, now it works fine.
guess i was confused by Microsoft.Data...->System.Data... namespace transition.
(01.01.2003 mornig got it's impact on thinking too ;)

thanx for help Daniel