[Mono-list] compiling myodbc app on linux

mind mind <mind@rsk.rz.pl>
Wed, 1 Jan 2003 13:12:18 +0100

hi there,

what about compiling ODBC application on linux (MyODBC 2.x, or 3.x)?
can it be done?

after successfull instalation of mono ('hello world!' compiles ok) and
libmyodbc (2.50.39-3) on Debian i cannot connect to odbc provider,
what i'm doing wrong?

btw Happy New Year 2 All Developers! :D



error message is:

MySqlSimple.cs(17) error CS0246: Cannot find type `OdbcConnection'
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings

ps. i set up $MONO_PATH to /usr/lib/odbc/ where libmyodbc.so can be
found. maybe i should use 3.x version instead of 2.x one?


simple source code looks like this:


using System;
using System.Data.Odbc; // should be using Microsoft.Data.Odbc ??

class My
        static void Main()
                // Connect
                OdbcConnection connection = new OdbcConnection("DSN=MySQL");

                // Write info
                Console.WriteLine("Database:\t"    + connection.Database);
                Console.WriteLine("Server ver.:\t" + connection.ServerVersion);

                // Close Connection