[Mono-list] Threads - Calling the Parent constructor from another assembly?

Charles-Louis charlouis.mono@wanadoo.be
28 Feb 2003 16:38:34 +0100


I'm currently building a '.NET / Mono' application, based on a core
assembly (shared by .NET and Mono), and two separate assemblies (one for
.NET, with winforms, and another for Linux, with Gtk#).

Basically, the core assembly contains an empty thread, and some classes
to access it. My Mono assembly contains a frontend for those methods,
and the GtkComponent class inherits from a BasicComponent in the core.

in the Parent's constructor: (Core.dll)

	this.theThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(WorkerThread));
	//where WorkerThread is an empty virtual function//
in Child:
	Class1 theClass = new Class1();
	// the Class1 constructor doesn't exist, so it should call
	// the parent's constructor

	If I compile Mono + Common classes into one assembly, it works, andthe
Thread is initialized, but if I separate both assemblies (in order to
share the core), the Thread is never initialized (Parent's constructor
is not used).

The .Net part works perfectly with two assemblies. Does Anyone know how
I could use this?

Charles-Louis <charlouis.mono@wanadoo.be>