[Mono-list] ikvm and Mono 0.20

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
28 Feb 2003 02:36:47 -0500


> CSC behaves like this: if there is explicit static ctor in the source code
> then it omits beforefieldinit, so type initializer must execute .cctor before
> any static method is called or any static field is referenced. In other words
> it calls .cctor on type load.
> But if you have compiler-generated .cctor (i.e. you just have a bunch of
> assignments to static members in your code), then CSC inserts beforefieldinit,
> and .cctor will be called in a lazy fashion on the first access to the type's static
> member.
> There is a rationale for this in the specs: calling all .cctors at load type could be
> expensive, most .cctors are just a bunch of assignments to static fields, compiler
> generated cctor is guaranted to be such a bunch of assignments so it's okay to
> delay initialization, while user-defined static ctor may contain some complex code
> so it's important to ensure static initilization guarantee.
> It's optimization and not a requirement, but I thought it was implemented in MCS, no?

Is this broken in MCS?  If so, does anyone have a sample program to
illustrate the bug?  I am pretty sure this was fixed