[Mono-list] Using some kind of ListView / TreeView with Gtk# and glade-2?

Charles-Louis charlouis.mono@wanadoo.be
27 Feb 2003 15:46:57 +0100


I'm writing a small application in mono with gtk# and glade2, and I have
to use some kind of a listview.

I saw that these are deprecated items, and that you now have a

My Questions are:

1. How can you define the number of columns on a listview? By default,
Glade inserts two columns...

2. How can you insert Data into these Columns? Data is added
automatically (not editable), one line at a time. The documentation on
these items is very scarce, so I don't know if I can add a string, an
icon,... into different columns. Is it something like

e.g. | icon | message | timestamp | generated by |
     |  :-) |   OK    |    blah   |   blah       |
     |  :'( |   KO    |    blah   |   blah       |

thank you.