[Mono-list] Just a thought from a Mono user

amerigo5 amerigo5 amerigo5@hotmail.com
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 15:06:31 -0600


Can a site be created or added in go-mono.com where it focuses on Mono 
users/developers? I think it would be nice if there is a site where Mono 
users can share the applications (with sample codes) they created using the 
Mono platform. I know that there are many websites (asp.net, 
dotnetjunkies.com, gotdotnet.com, etc) that offer the same service but most 
of those websites focus on .Net platform development.

By having a website for Mono users, codes can be shared to assist/guide 
other users/developers that are testing the Mono platform. It also makes the 
users/developers aware about capabilities (old/new/upcoming) of the Mono 
platform. Because if a sample code is in the website, it can be assumed that 
the code works on Mono platform. This will enable the Mono users get ideas 
from other people and maybe use those ideas in their development/testing.

By having samples that works on Mono, people who haven't tried Mono platform 
can learn the true capabilities of Mono. They can even become interested and 
start testing the Mono platform!!!

This is just a suggestion to possibly attract possible users of Mono 
platform or increase the involvement of Mono users (who cannot participate 
in developing the Mono platform):).

If you can't help develop Mono, help Mono gain acceptance!!!

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