[Mono-list] Perl.NET on MONO?

Julio Cesar Silva jcvdsfds@hotmail.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 22:08:03 -0500


I have been following your progress.

I am planning to start using mono on my RHL 8.0 box.

Is there an effort to get Perl to run and compile on mono?

ActiveState (if memory serves) developed PerlNet (Perl for .NET)....I am not 
sure if there effort was OpenSource or not.

I ask this because I may have an opportunity to work with a 35 node (70 CPU) 
Linux cluster with a custom Perl Mega Appplication.  If I could run all the 
legacy code on mono and then extend the application via C#, that would be 
most cool.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for your time!!

Go mono!


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