[Mono-list] More on System.Web.Mail

Per Arneng pt99par@student.bth.se
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 06:22:50 +0100


With some help from Gonzalo and Miguel i managed to sort some things out =
encodings and charsets. So now most of that is implemented. Thnx! :)

Summary of what is left :
     * Base64 encode subject >7bit
     * E-mail address parsing
     * UUEncoding
     * Test cases and docs

The stuff that is left to do now is to encode the the Subject with Base64=
MS does if the encoding is not 7bit/char in length.=20
Like this:

This is not optimal because QP would probably be better for those who rea=
mail with telnet and POP3 :) but this is what .NET runtime does so we wil=
l do=20
it to, at least for now.

The body part is just thrown in there without any extra transformation li=
quoted printable, uuencode, base64 and such. At least that is what the .N=
runtime does what i have seen. But more research on that is needed :)=20

After that is finished there is the issues with the mail addresses. After=
reading the docs i thought that To,Cc,From allowed an email address but t=
is not the case so i have to parse those before sending.

And then its UUEncoding.. since that and Base64 are the two used for=20
attachments in .NET i have to add UUEncoding to. And UUEncoding is the=20
default encoding on attachments.

And of course.. Test cases .. and More Test cases.. and Documentation wor=

mail suggestions, bugs, tips and any feedback... =20

//Per (local time is now 06:25 am .. me no function sleep well without)