[Mono-list] HOWTO Install Mono-0.20 under OS X 10.2

Steve Mentzer steve.mentzer@mullinconsulting.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 13:20:31 -0800

Good to see that someone else managed to get mono installed for OS/X. =
After a bunch of trial and error, I managed to reverse engineer some of =
the library problems as well. I am planning on putting together a formal =
doc for it, and publishing it to my website....

But... I now have it running...

Have you managed to try more than helloworld? Given that I haven't been =
able to locate a gtk# package for OS/X (and propably won't!), you are =
largely limited to developing console mode apps.

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NOTE: I haven't seen too much posted about getting Mono running under=20
OS X.  If anybody has a better way of doing this I'd love to hear about=20
it (post to the list, not to me please).

HOWTO Install Mono-0.20 under OS X 10.2

* Make sure you have fink installed (google for it)
* Download the mono-0.20 from go-mono.com (not mcs!)
* Use fink to install pkgconfig (not pkg-config)
* Use fink to install glib2 (I think my problem is with this package -=20
see below)
* Open a terminal and cd into your mono-0.20 directory
* Run ./configure

You might need to install some additional packages (I needed pkgconfig=20
and glib2 but I've been using fink for a while now and might already=20
have some packages installed).

The configure script will take a minute or so.

* Run make

Building all of mono took a few minutes on my iBook 800.

* Run 'sudo make install'  You need to run this as root because it will=20
be copying stuff into /usr/local/... and likely a few more places.  I=20
wasn't really all that keen about doing this as I'm sure I'll have=20
chunks of mono scattered on my system till the end of time now...  If=20
you don't want to do this you find the executables buried the various=20
directories in the mono-0.20 directory.

* Update your shell's path to include /usr/local/bin.  This is where=20
mono is installed and by default /usr/local/bin doesn't appear to be in=20
the path by default.  For example, add this line to your ~/.tschrc
	set path =3D ( $path /usr/local/bin )

If all goes well you should be able to type:
mcs HelloWorld.cs (you'll have to supply the HelloWorld.cs file) to=20
compile a simple C# executable.

	mcs HelloWorld.cs

To run the program use mint.
	mint HelloWorld.exe

Problems and Quirks

* Getting the correct glib and pkgconfig took a bit to figure out)
* The 'mono' program doesn't appear to be installed or built but there=20
is a man page and there is a mono program when I use the Linux rpm's
* When running any C# program (ie, mcs) I get the following warning=20

[alpine:~/Projects] gerry% mint HelloWorld.exe

** (HelloWorld.exe:16643): WARNING **: Using non-atomic functions!
Hello, World!


* somebody to review this and point out all the mistakes
* somebody to verify that they can get mono running under OS X
* fix for the non-atomic functions.  I think it's something to do with=20
the POSIX threads under OSX but could be totally off base)
* a fink package for a precompiled version of mono for OS X ;)

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