[Mono-list] Smtp status

Per Arneng pt99par@student.bth.se
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 20:20:30 +0100


Just got a laptop which i installed windows and cygwin on. So now i can s=
back on my old linux puter and run testcases on bothe platforms at the
same time using ssh.. great!!! =20

Working on now:

* Test cases on .NET runtime System.Web.Mail to fill the
   holes of a poorly written documentation :)
   Im going to run the test cases on mono's System.Web.Mail
   later on to make sure everyhing is nice and compattible.


* Implement UUEncoding and create separate classes
  for UU and Base64

* Test theese separate classes against the uuencode program
  $uuencode --base64

* Charsets .. encodings...
   .NET runtime useses the Encoding class for MailMessage.BodyEncoding an=
   encodes the body and subject with that. If BodyEncoding is UTF-8 it se=
   it as that. The .NET runtime figures out the current charset:
=09Content-Type: text/plain;
=09         charset=3D"iso-8859-1"
  I would like to do that but dont know how really..  need some help here=

So anyone who knows how to get the current charset are welcome to mail me
and any other suggestions tips and bugs :)