[Mono-list] HOWTO Install Mono-0.20 under OS X 10.2

Gerry Shaw gerry_shaw@yahoo.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 09:24:00 -0800

NOTE: I haven't seen too much posted about getting Mono running under 
OS X.  If anybody has a better way of doing this I'd love to hear about 
it (post to the list, not to me please).

HOWTO Install Mono-0.20 under OS X 10.2

* Make sure you have fink installed (google for it)
* Download the mono-0.20 from go-mono.com (not mcs!)
* Use fink to install pkgconfig (not pkg-config)
* Use fink to install glib2 (I think my problem is with this package - 
see below)
* Open a terminal and cd into your mono-0.20 directory
* Run ./configure

You might need to install some additional packages (I needed pkgconfig 
and glib2 but I've been using fink for a while now and might already 
have some packages installed).

The configure script will take a minute or so.

* Run make

Building all of mono took a few minutes on my iBook 800.

* Run 'sudo make install'  You need to run this as root because it will 
be copying stuff into /usr/local/... and likely a few more places.  I 
wasn't really all that keen about doing this as I'm sure I'll have 
chunks of mono scattered on my system till the end of time now...  If 
you don't want to do this you find the executables buried the various 
directories in the mono-0.20 directory.

* Update your shell's path to include /usr/local/bin.  This is where 
mono is installed and by default /usr/local/bin doesn't appear to be in 
the path by default.  For example, add this line to your ~/.tschrc
	set path = ( $path /usr/local/bin )

If all goes well you should be able to type:
mcs HelloWorld.cs (you'll have to supply the HelloWorld.cs file) to 
compile a simple C# executable.

	mcs HelloWorld.cs

To run the program use mint.
	mint HelloWorld.exe

Problems and Quirks

* Getting the correct glib and pkgconfig took a bit to figure out)
* The 'mono' program doesn't appear to be installed or built but there 
is a man page and there is a mono program when I use the Linux rpm's
* When running any C# program (ie, mcs) I get the following warning 

[alpine:~/Projects] gerry% mint HelloWorld.exe

** (HelloWorld.exe:16643): WARNING **: Using non-atomic functions!
Hello, World!


* somebody to review this and point out all the mistakes
* somebody to verify that they can get mono running under OS X
* fix for the non-atomic functions.  I think it's something to do with 
the POSIX threads under OSX but could be totally off base)
* a fink package for a precompiled version of mono for OS X ;)