[Mono-list] Write on linux, Run on Wondows?

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 08:20:04 -0800 (PST)

--- Graham Allwood <Graham.Allwood@CODA.com> wrote:
> I've read the faq but still have a question. If I'm developing a GUI client
> for a remoted service should I be using Windows.Forms or something else?
> What will the IDE's use when a form is designed, anyone any ideas?
> Thanks
> Graham

You should try out the different options/choices and use the toolkit that best suits your needs. 
Currently you have a choice of WX.NET, System.Windows.Forms, Qt#, Gtk#, SWT (from the #Develop
folks) and maybe others that I am not aware of.  I don't know what your requirements are but, each
of these is in various stages of development has strengths and weaknesses and you should evaluate
them and determine which approach you like best ;)  That is the great thing about Free Systems ...
you get a multitude of choices!  

As far as the IDE I don't know which IDE you are looking to use or what.  #Develop currently has a
forms designer for System.Windows.Forms and I imagine they'll at least include a forms designer
for the SWT port.  Gtk# has Glade and Qt# has Qt/Designer.  I am not aware of any GUI designer for
WX, but I'd guess they have something or are working on it.  Lastly, I am not sure if the eclipse
plugin for C# has any forms designer.



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