[Mono-list] Configuration problem in mono-0.20 (windows/cygwin)

Stefan Matthias Aust sma@3plus4.de
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:45:54 +0100

After I successfully made mcs-0.20, I've problems to configure mono.  I 
used "configure --prefix=c:/mono" as described.  When reaching

  checking size of void *... 4
  checking for pkg-config... /usr/bin/pkg-config

pkg-config.exe complains about not finding libglib-2.0.0.dll.  That DLL 
got installed with glib-2.0.4 into /usr/lib, however it seems, that's 
not part of the dll search path?


  export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib

helped but it would be nice if this would be added to the build 
instructions (or if pkg-config would be upgraded to find its DLL itself).

Another problem might be that configure cannot find the GC lib and tells 
me that it will proceed without garbage collection support.  I doubt 
that this is a good idea.  I'll try compile & install the provided gc6.1 
lib first.

You might think that this is quite obvious, however, for a painless 
installation process, it would be nice to add this to the instructions.

Stefan Matthias Aust
www.3plus4software.de // Inter Deum Et Diabolum Semper Musica Est