[Mono-list] Compilation problem in mcs-0.20

Stefan Matthias Aust sma@3plus4.de
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:31:38 +0100


I tried to compile mono-0.20 on windows/cygin. I think i followed the 
instructions.  I've .NET 1.0.3705 installed.  I upgraded cygwin to the 
most current version, added the provided prebuild zips relative to /usr 
(even though it seems that cygwin comes with iconv-1.8.2 instead of 1.7) 
extracted the sources to /tmp/mono, cd'ed to mcs-0.20 and said "make" 
(it so).

Now, there're a couple of errors while compiling 

error CS0516: Ein Konstruktor 
kann sich nicht selbst aufrufen  (the constructor cannot call itself)

And I think, the csc is right, "public OracleMonthSpan (OracleMonthSpan 
from) : this (from)" doesn't make sense.   I've really no clue about 
that code, but perhaps "this (from.value)" was meant?

There're six other problems in this file.  In line 64, a method declared 
to return "byte[]" tries to return an "int".  Because of this "byte[]", 
most other methods freak out. I changed the return type to "int".

Here's my tiny diff:
<                       : this (from.value) //sma
 >                       : this (from)
<               public int Value { //sma
 >               public byte[] Value {

Stefan Matthias Aust
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