[Mono-list] Research on Mono

Javagal S Reddy Javagal S Reddy" <javagal_reddy@rediffmail.com
23 Feb 2003 04:10:49 -0000

Hi all,

I am teaching at a software training centre, here in Mysore that
imparts knowledge only on Open Source technologies. I have been
contemplating the idea of disseminating Mono related information
through the training center. However, i am not really sure about
the kind of audience that would want to learn the same - would
it be Linux people who want to learn about C# / .NET but don't
want to do it on a Windows platform?

I need some solid answers and numbers to the questions below, to 
convince the management that this is indeed a area that we 
impart training and knowhow to -

1. Who are the people, who are actually using Mono? potentially 
2. Do we have any estimate of the number of people who are doing 
3. What is the average traffic on the mono-list each day, and on 
which area is the traffic concentrated?
4. Do we have an estimate to the number of Mono downloads that 
happen everyday?
5.Are there any commercial majors that are using the Mono class 
6. When will a concrete version of Mono be released?
7. In it's current state, is it worth doing a training course?
8. What is so useful about using the Mono class libraries?
9. Why would a beginner/intermediate student want to learn Mono, 
outside of interest in a new tech?
10. Will .Net 1.1 upset the reader base? Is Mono looking at 
establishing parity for it's components with .Net 11. What is the 
current job spec of the programmers that we can expect to attend 
this course?

Instead of spoiling the focus of the list, i will appreciate if 
you can send all replies to javagal_reddy@rediffmail.com

Thanks in advance for your time.