[Mono-list] Location of Smtp classes in CVS

Per Arneng pt99par@student.bth.se
Sun, 23 Feb 2003 14:39:04 +0100


internal Classes v.s own namespace/directory

To put the SMTP classes as internal classes is probably not a good idea s=
the maintainability will be poor. There is now 575 loc so it will be hard=
have that inside other classes. I saw on the CVS that there was a=20
System.Web.Util namespace/dir. How about System.Web.Mail.Util or Mono.Mai=
l or=20

I also need to add support for UUEncoding which is the default attachment=
encoding. I will probably need to put this in a separate class and when i=
that i need to lift out the base64 encoding from SmtpClient and put that =
in a=20
separate class to make everything nice and clean. =20

An there are some other things that needs to be fixed so internal classes=
not feel good unless you develop with a block-hide/show editor which i do=
think we can assume everybody does :)=20

//Per Arneng