[Mono-list] Bi-directional remoting

Brian Ritchie brianlritchie@hotmail.com
Sat, 22 Feb 2003 15:51:41 -0500

Here's a alpha/beta release of a bidirectional tcp channel...

"This channel aims to solve several problems related to events, callbacks 
and client-side sponsors when Remoting is used with clients behind NATs or 

He also has Jabber & SMTP channels...hmmm interesting.

Hope this helps,

>From: Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com>
>To: Lluis Sanchez <lluis@ideary.com>
>CC: Steve Mentzer 
>Subject: Re: [Mono-list] Bi-directional remoting
>Date: 22 Feb 2003 14:37:45 -0500
> > Certainly, if you want a server to make a call to an object in a client 
> > is behind a firewall, you cannot use TcpChannel. It is not designed for
> > that.
> >
> > However, this is a limitation of the TcpChannel, not a limitation of
> > Remoting. It is possible to implement a remoting channel that allows
> > bi-directional communication between a firewalled client and a server. 
> > example, a SMTP/POP3 based channel ;-). The remoting infrastructure is
> > indeed very flexible.
>You could also create an ssh-tunnel if you are behind a firewall to
>establish a private connection to the target system (which at the time
>you have performed a uni-directional call, means that you most likely
>can establish also an ssh-tunnel).
>It would be also possible to create a bidirectional tcp-based channel
>that does the same: provides a tunnel where bi-directional traffic can
>This is relatively simple, and should be a good exercise for those of
>you pondering doing a fun project.
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