[Mono-list] Changes not applied?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
20 Feb 2003 23:52:20 -0500


> Last week I sent in patches to System.Drawing.Bitmap and
> System.Drawing.Graphics. The changes were relatively small,
> mostly new function stubs. I just grabbed the most recent
> code snapshot (CVS doesn't work from behind this firewall)
> so I could start filling in the stubs, and I see the
> changes were never applied. So I am wondering - did I do
> something wrong? Did I send the patches to the wrong place?
> Is there a better way to submit changes? I am assuming you
> don't want to give every joe that comes along write-access
> to the repository.
> I am going to apply my patches to the latest code and try
> to move forward...

Sometimes patches and bug reports fall through the cracks, because the
mailing lists can have such a big volume.  

A better way to file patches is to report them as bugs.  That way, at
least we know that the patches are on CVS.

Also, a patch will usually get applied immediately if it adds new
functionality.  Patches that only contain stubs are not very useful
immediately and fail to catch people's attention.

We are pretty liberal when it comes to give CVS access to an active