[Mono-list] More help needed with XSLT

John BouAntoun John.BouAntoun@rogen.com.au
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 15:38:47 +1100


It would be good if you also provided an xml file that uses those tags.

That way we can build the xsl for you much quicker.


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Hey guys!

   I need some more help with my XSLT.   I asked Peter first this time,
as he always reply quickly, but he is busy this week ;-)  =20

    We need a few more tags supported, the details are here:


   The tags am looking to support are:

        <code lang=3D"C#">.. </code>

        Those happen inside the "<example>" bits.

   <list type=3D"bullet">  </list>

   That is basically a <ul> list in HTML

   And the table ones:

        <list type=3D"table"> </lits>
              <term>YOUR FIRST COLUMN</term>
              <description>YOUR DESCRIPTION</description>

                <description>First descritpion</description>
                <description>Second descirption</description>

Here is again my XSLT file