[Mono-list] Best way to implement image loaders?

Asier Llano Palacios asierllano@infonegocio.com
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 21:40:22 +0100

Helo Jason,

The zlib implementation (and many more compressing things) are already 
implemented in C# by the SharpDevelop people:
Take a look at this web site:


I'm not sure which one is the best solution (maybe manteinability is 
also a good choice).
But, this e-mail was just to avoid you the work of rewriting zlib in C#.

Asier Llano

J. Perkins escribió::

> I am looking into adding support for PNG files to the
> System.Drawing.Bitmap class. There are two ways I can
> go about it, and I thought I'd see what the current
> conventions are.
> Option one would be to port libpng and zlib to C#,
> adding them to the System.Drawing assembly. This has
> the advantage of not requiring any external dependencies,
> and it should run anywhere. The downside is it increases
> the size and maintenance requirements of Mono.
> Option two is to bind to an external shared library.
> This would keep the assembly smaller and easier to
> manage, but raises all kinds of issues re: missing
> or outdated libraries.
> Although it is more work, I guess I am leaning toward
> the first solution. Any thoughts?
> Jason
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