[Mono-list] About Format Function (VB.NET)

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 22:28:39 -0300

First a correction:

>   An Spanish developer writes something like :
>   if ( Format(myvar,"On/Off" == "Activado" )
>   {
>   	...
>   }

That is not a good pratice anyway, one should always test directly myvar in 
that case.

>   Format has two parameters : first, the object that you want to format
>(numbers,dates, etc), and second (style) an string explaining the format
>(for instance,Format(5,"00") will return the string "05". Well, one of
>the "styles" is "On/Off". MSDN library says that it returns the string
>"Off" if a number is equals to zero,and "On" if  the number is not equal
>to zero.

>I've been testing it using Microsoft .NET, and to my surprise, in my
>spanish  windows box, it returns "Activado" (that means "On" in
>Spanish") and "Desactivado"  ("Off", in spanish).MSDN doesn't say any
>more about this.

>By now, I always return "On" or "Off" (in English), but I would like
>to know if anybody knows any universal symbol, or may be some general
>rules in Mono to do it in one or other way.

These things, are handled either as Microsoft, by using resources, or with 
Mono's GetText look-alike. Never write translating code (blocks of lots of 

>   Any Idea?

Have you checked, if you can only call the Formatting classes already in the 
class library? Most things in this VB.NET library are just wrappers for 
common classes.


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