[Mono-list] Compilation Errors on DataSet Classes GeneratedbyXSD.exe

Alan Tam Tam@SiuLung.com
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:17:14 +0800

I think at first I have to learn the features of DataRelation first. I am only
a new comer to .NET and C# when I did my last contributition. E.g. I don't even
understand what an attribute means, although I can code it according to the
specification. I don't even have a good enough use case that give me the
testing environment to test it, becoz I don't know it well.

If you only need a simple non-working implementation of the class, then it is
not very difficult. But, the missing code to deal with relations is not only
limited in this class, but over the System.Data and System.Xml assemblies. I do
have the interest, but I think I need time to learn more in order to start to
be able to contribute. I think there should be other talents here who gets to
this faster.


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Subject: Re: [Mono-list] Compilation Errors on DataSet Classes

> Hello!
> > With this patch, a newly generated class (by xsd.exe) needs only this
> > modification to work:
> > 32c32
> > <         this.Relations.CollectionChanged += schemaChangedHandler;
> > ---
> > >         //this.Relations.CollectionChanged += schemaChangedHandler;
> >
> > DataRelation related functions are largely not yet implemented. In this
> > "this.Relations" throws NotImplementedException. There is no solution
except we
> > can create a copy of DataRelationCollection and store it in
> > DataSet.relationCollection.
> Any chance we can get you interested in implementing those portions of
> the code?
> Miguel