[Mono-list] problem with FreeBSD & monodoc, multiple questions

Lloyd Dupont lloyd@galador.net
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 19:45:20 +1100


I have FreeBSD 4.7
I just fetch monodoc from CVS.

I have multiple questions / remark:

I tryed 'gmake' and it failed.
after looking the code of the makefile (4 lines... :-)

I replace=20
=09=09(cd $$i; make) || exit 1;=09\
=09=09(cd $$i; $(MAKE)) || exit 1;=09\

And it worked.
the default make of FreeBSD don't have any -C option, it's why it's bette=
r to=20
do like this.

after building it, well I tryed it.
And I get this terrible insult message hundreds of time.

** (<unknown>:31001): WARNING **: Failed to load library libgtkhtml-3.0.s=
(gtkhtml-3.0): Shared object "libgtkhtml-3.0.so" not found

the diagnostic being clear enough I tryed to upgrade my system with the l=
And here is the big problem. it looks like the latest version available a=
there is 2.2 .....
what do you think ?

I know that mono has a file to 'translate' DllImport.
maybe I could edit this file and replace libgtkhtml-3.0 by libgtkhtml-.2.=
2 ?=20
at least I could try...

Could you tell me what is this file, where I could find it, etc ?.....

csc has a special file called '...' (I can't remember, something like csc=
where it put all default library (System.Drawing.dll, etc...), so you don=
have to link explicitly against this library.
What about mcs ? (it obvioulsy has one too) I mean, what's its name ? whe=
re is=20
it ? could I also have one in my working directory, just like csc ?