[Mono-list] problem on FreeBSD

Lloyd Dupont lloyd@galador.net
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 15:36:32 +1100

> El dom, 16 de 02 de 2003 a las 02:27, Lloyd Dupont escribi=F3:
> > Unhandled Exception: System.ExecutionEngineException: No GCHandle sup=
> > built-in
> You don't have garbage collector support. libgc (library and headers)
> was not available when you built mono runtime.
in fact I do have libgc.so (.1) installed in /usr/local/lib

however, that's true that the headers are nowhere to be seen, except in t=
HansBoehmGC source directory.
I guess I should copy in /usr/local/include ?
or in /usr/local/include/gc ?

dare I say I'm a bit new to my FreeBSD station, could someone gives me so=
guidance ?
(I know it's not a FreeBSD forum, but it will help me run mono on FreeBSD=