[Mono-list] Mono doesn't seem to like JSharp code in MSIL form. -> BANG

Christian.Buchner Christian.Buchner1@epost.de
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 02:28:58 -0800

> Mono virtually "exploded". I do know that some stuff regarding metadata
> in assemblies is not yet implemented. 

Here is a followup in regard to Mono choking on M$ J# code. ILDASM did
not only generate a file containing ILASM code, but also a produced .res
file (resource file). That suggests Mono currently cannot yet deal with
embedded resources in the managed assembly - or with that particular
resource format generated by Microsoft Visual J#.

Reassembling the code with ILASM without including the Resource fixed the
problem preventing to load the assembly. I have to do the same processing
with vjscore and vjslib (the Java runtime assemblies) in order to remove
the resource part.

I am very curious if this will finally execute. Would be a "first", I guess ;)