[Mono-list] OpenGL# for Mono

Christian.Buchner Christian.Buchner1@epost.de
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 01:49:54 -0800

> Mark Crichton wrote:
> >Ok,  I'm convinced that OpenGL bindings for C# are going to be this
> >years' GTK+ IRC client...
> >
> Why making another CsGL library (http://csgl.sourceforge.net/)?

I asked the same question on the #mono IRC channel today.
The answer was that this one is mostly generated with automated

That means it can be kept up to date with the latest OpenGL
versions. It supports (or will support) the full feature set
and will require less maintenance.

But on the other hand I keep thinking if this simply maps the
API into C# without providing real "managed wrappers" of all
datatypes. Can this automated approach group related API calls
into corresponding base classes and methods?

Microsoft had to put a LOT of effort into Managed DirectX for
example. If it was that easy, they could just have used
automated tools to generate a 1:1 C++ equivalent API wrapper.
There must be a good reason they didn't do this ;)