[Mono-list] Re: someone, please clear out that patents issue

ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 16:38:19 +0900


Even if keeping going on any researches and discussions are
significant, this list might not be proper place to go on.
Almost all subscribers, including myself, are interested in
more technological topics.

> That is also part of the reason why I am not interested in the debate,
> because at this point *every* scenario is possible, and having an 
> argument about this under the scenario of *anything goes* is a rather
> futile experiment. 

Yes. We need not apparently fight with Microsoft. We should only
*correct* the patent application to their benefits. It is harmful
for any patent owners that their patents turned out to be invalid
in later stages. We might not have to deny *all* of the claims in
that patent application.

> I consider them to be off-topic because there is no certainty at this
> point about what the effects are.  That is where my unwillingness stems
> from.  I would have not problem in discussing real solutions once we
> knew what conditions we were operating under, hence my suggestion to
> have a patent attorney look at these issues as a preamble for an
> informed debate.

Sure. I personally feel sorry to you, I already knew well that
you don't like these talks.
Nonetheless, I dare post in this list because many people
who interested in the news are saying: "How about Mono?"
Obviously this project is expected to do something.

Then how about creating "dotnet-innovation-historical" or "dotnet
-tech-talk" mail-list? (Hmm... maybe much better name for it ...)
It treats .NET technological studies including prior technologies. 
For such list, that patent claims are *good start* to discuss 
because they are regarded as new technologies by Microsoft itself.
It don't have to talk about patent issues -- of course, sometimes,
some participants may want to talk about patent itself :)

You might think that we need attorney to discuss more. However as
I wrote, there are many things we can do as only developers, and
maybe cannot be done by .NET-amateur attorney and/or agents.
They are skilled in writing patent applications, but once the
application was written, such highly special skill isn't required
to read the basics of the claims.

I think Anyone can contribute to the research and studies.

Best wishes,
  Atsushi Eno