[Mono-list] OpenGL# for Mono

Mark Crichton crichton@gimp.org
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:31:22 -0500

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Ok,  I'm convinced that OpenGL bindings for C# are going to be this
years' GTK+ IRC client...

In mono CVS is the module glgen.  This afternoon, the 14th of Feb, in
my effort to thumb my nose at Hallmark, my bindings for OpenGL to C#
obtained critical mass.

We have, at least, a working GL and GLUT.  The (in)famous glgears now
works, and works well at a whopping 500fps on my crappy nVidia Vanta.

Most of the work is derived from the magic code generator worked up by
the GTK# folks.  The API presented by these bindings is very
bare-metal.  If you're used to programming GL in C, then this will feel
right at home.

Future additions are to start adding support for vertex shaders and the
like.  Also, if anyone wants to send me an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro for
further testing and GL extension adding, I wouldn't mind... :)

Screenshot of a glgears running is at

First person who ports Quake2 to C# gets a medal.  Most likely upside
the head.

Take care,
Mark "Paving the Road to Madness since 1976" Crichton

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