[Mono-list] managed C / C++ dll

carsten@hess.net carsten@hess.net
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 11:14:54 -0800 (PST)


I am trying to get a C library from Windows running
under Mono. I compiled it in VisualStudio into a fully
managed dll. 
A simpel test program later I tried loading the dll
into Mono and I get a runtime error.

The error message is:

"Implement me 1b."

I tracked this error message down to file 
class.c, line 1336.

It seems that the case statement there doesn't handle
and hence the error.


I then also read a little source code to figure out how
this should look like but without a little help on how
the mono system works down there I think I am stuck.

Is the fix hard or can you provide a few lines
explanation so that I understand what is going on here.
If I can I help fix it ... or I can send sample dlls
whichever you want.


P.S.: After hacking a Microsoft.VisualC.dll myself I
noticed that you already have one in the in release
version 0.15 for Windows. I can't find it though in the
cvs or the linux distribution. Is there a reason? If
you need source code, I have some / most of the classes
in my hack and could give you the sources (lots of
empty classes, no rocket sience here) - just let me
know :)