[Mono-list] MarshalByRefObject and Activator NUnit v2.0 test classes

Jean-Marc André jean-marc.andre@polymtl.ca
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 12:18:58 -0500


No, I don't get this error. I tested the class with the NUnit GUI and 
when I re-run the test without reloading the library I get errors about  
object with the same URI (since the RemotingServices.Disconnect function 
is not yep implemented, I can't use it to unregister the marshaled 
objects... If you have any idea).
Maybe I forgot to release the Tcp channel but I checked the sources and 
it doesn't seem so.



Nick Drochak wrote:

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>| test classes
>| Hi,
>| Here are 2 test classes for System.Activator and
>| System.MarshalByRefObject.
>| I am currently working on a RemontingServices test class...
>| Since these are my 2 first test classes, I would really appreciate any
>| feedback (I already sent ActivatorTest.cs but nobody told me about so...).
>| The both test classes are using TcpChannel so they have to be compiled
>| with a reference to System.Runtime.Remoting.dll
>They look good, so I just committed them.
>I get one failure on .NET in MarshalByRefTest; something about using the
>same socket again.  You don't get that?
>Nick D.
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