[Mono-list] Can MONO access the Windows Global Assembly Cache?

Christian.Buchner Christian.Buchner1@epost.de
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:06:34 -0800


Welcome a new member to the MONO community. I have just compiled
Mono 0.19 on my CygWin/Windows 2000 system. And I am about to perform
some interoperability tests, trying to run Visual C# generated MSIL
executables on MONO and vice versa.

So far I have encountered the problem that MONO did not find certain
Assemblies located in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

Will a loader for assemblies located in the GAC be a part of MONO
in the future?

I am thinking about a scenario where MONO would be the preferred
JIT, effectively replacing the Microsoft JIT. Why that? Well, maybe
MONO will be faster than the Microsoft JIT in the future - or it
can be better tuned/customized to speed up particular software
applications, being shipped as part of these applications even.