[Mono-list] .net 1.1

Dennis Hayes DENNISH@Raytek.com
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 16:14:22 -0800

Most of the changes in 1.1 were to non-ecma classes, especially data and
All the 1.1 changes have been added to winforms, a few are commented out
because they depend on other libs. Most of the changes have been to
accessibly i.e. privet to public, also serialize local has been added to a
number of classes.

Other are already working on version 2 of C# generics.
As I see it, most of the 1.1 changes are minor, and the 2.0 changes such as
generics have been (mostly) expected and widely perceived as good additions.
We have betas of 1.1, so we know a lot about what will be in there. For 2.0,
the ecma parts are being discussed openly, but info on non-ecma parts is not
available, so for winforms we have no clue about 2.0)


>I am also wondering to what extent people see this development as another
>MS attempt to keep things incompatible. In particular, I am troubled by
>the following statement:

>* If an application written with the .NET Framework 1.1 Beta is installed
>on a system with only the .NET Framework 1.0 Redistributable, it will not
>run (unless configured to do so).