[Mono-list] IL Assembler

Michael Erdmann michael.erdmann@snafu.de
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 21:01:51 +0100

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I have checked out the latest version, and run some tests on it.

does not assemble at all, sice ilasm seems o need a class.

I have tried some of the examples from chapter 5 of part II of
the CLI description. There are some problems which i have
marked inline as comments.


Jackson Harper wrote:

>    Hello!
>    I think I didn't checkin most of my changes untill sunday night. 
> There should be a pretty good command line handler now. It allows you 
> to specify output file name, library or execuatble, and whether or not 
> to scan only. I tried to match the MS ilasm switches. I also checked 
> in a bunch of little fixes in codegen, and parsing.
>    Sometime next week I will have things mildly stable in cvs, at that 
> point I could really use allot of tests. Would you be willing to write 
> some ilasm tests?
> Thanks,
> Jackson

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.assembly extern mscorlib {}
.assembly hello {}
.method static public void main() cil managed 13 { 
   .maxstack 1
   ldstr "Hello world!" 
   call void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(class System.String) 

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.assembly chapter5 {}

.class Test {

.method static public void main()  {

'Chapter 5.X':
   ldstr "Hallo" + "Hallo"
	      + "Hallo "

//   ref. p.6 line 30

//   ldstr "Hello World\
//             \040from CIL!" 36

'Chapter 5.3':

// 'Odd\102Char':		does not assemble, see 5.3 p. 7 l. 24

'Chapter 5.4':

label1:                     // ref. 5.4 page 8 line 7.
label1:			    // this should have caused some error message!!!!