[Mono-list] OSX Class libraries

keith davey mush_keithd@yahoo.co.uk
Sun, 9 Feb 2003 19:30:24 +0000 (GMT)

Yes, this is correct.

I have found that when I compile a MacOS bundle, I can
load it and call methods in it. So pinvoke in OSX does

There is one problem however. I want to access the
Cocoa dylibs. So as said earlier, I will have to make
a bundle object to act as a proxy. So i have written
the bundle to call a simple window. But Bundles are
not only loadable objects, they are also supporting
resourse files. So once you try to call any Cocoa
code, you get an error:

2003-02-09 19:24:31.355 mint[430] No Info.plist file
in application bundle or no NSPrincipalClass in the
Info.plist file, exiting

Mono has no knowledge of these files. So either we
need a lib format that can call Cocoa code, which has
no need for these files or, we need to add a way to
load Bundle resource files as well as binary objects.

I'm not sure which way to go from here, I guess I
could start by writing a class that reads in all the
details of a Bundle.


 --- Benjamin Reed <ranger@befunk.com> wrote: > 
> On Saturday, February 8, 2003, at 02:26 PM, John
> Duncan wrote:
> > What does the code for this look like? On OS X
> .dylib == .so.
> Well, with libtool-built libraries, dylib != so. 
> "dylib" is what 
> libtool calls macosx shared libraries, and "so" is
> what it calls 
> bundles (loadable modules).
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