[Mono-list] OSX Class libraries

keith davey mush_keithd@yahoo.co.uk
Sat, 8 Feb 2003 16:45:27 +0000 (GMT)

> Most P/Invoke stuff should work, but there are still
> some failures
> in the tests, IIRC. The only way to know for sure is
> to try it out:-)
> The low-level P/Invoke code is in
> mono/arch/ppc/tramp.c, so, if you
> find bugs, the likely culprit code is there.
> lupus
I've been testing this and seem to have it a problem.
OSX has dynlib files, and I assume these are the same
.so files. However when I run a program which tries to
load a dynlib I get this:

** (invoke.exe:507): WARNING **: Failed to load
library libSystem.dylib (libSystem.dylib):
libSystem.dylib is not a loadable module
got wrong token: 0x00000001

** ERROR **: file loader.c: line 491
(mono_get_method): assertion failed: (table ==

Anyone know anything about dynLib files? I guess if we
have a problem I could write a C so, that wraps the
dynlib file and then call that from mono.


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