[Mono-list] Portable.Net and Mono?

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Fri, 7 Feb 2003 17:40:43 +0100

On 02/07/03 carsten.hess@autodesk.com wrote:
> Now here is a question that I am wondering about: 
> What is the a relationship between Portable.Net and Mono?

This has been discussed on the list already, check the archives.
pnet is a different project that shares some of the same goals as 
mono, but with different technical decisions. Sometimes the two projects
cooperate, sharing code etc.

> Also, do you think that theoretically I should be able to compile 
> code in Portable.Net (e.g. C-Code compiled by cscc) and run it 
> under Mono?
> Initial test of mine show that mono doesn't' like the libc64.dll.
> Disassembling libc64.dll creates the following error 
> error in file_loader.c: line 332 :(Method_in_member_ref): should not be reached.

I guess this is simple to fix, it probably uses a MEMBERREF_PARENT_TYPEDEF 
coded index. I'll commit a fix for that.

> If it should be running fine, I see whether I can find and fix the bug(s). But I thought I 
> check first on whether this is even supposed to work.

If the assemblies follow the standard CLI specs, they should work with
mono (barring bugs and unimplemented features, of course).
A quick way to check is using the PEVerify tool from the ms SDK, if you
have access to a windows machine: if you get errors the assemblies
probably don't follow the spec (though you need to check for
unsafe code usage or other errors).


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