[Mono-list] Re: OS/X build error for glib-2.0

Bob Koss koss@objectmentor.com
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 03:28:07 -0500

On 2/6/03 9:50 PM, "Steve Mentzer" <steve.mentzer@mullinconsulting.com>

> has anyone else experienced problems building mono on OS/X 10.2 jag? It was
> supposed to be OS/X compatible as of v.019, but I am encountering an error
> when the autogen.sh script is attempting to locate glib-2.0.
> Running pkg-config from the command line reveals that it has located it
> successfully, as I have installed it via fink/dselect
> Here is the process I am using to build /mono.
> 1 - Get the latest source tree from cvs, put in my ~/dotnet folder.
> 2 - Go to the ~/dotnet/mono folder, and run autogen.sh

I downloaded .19 from the download page, not from cvs. I untarred into
/usr/src as was suggested in the instructions.

Then I ./configure, make, make install -- just following the instructions.

mcs and mint work. I haven't gotten an answer to my question if
nunit-console is available on os x.

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