[Mono-list] Problems compiling the source solved ...

carsten.hess@autodesk.com carsten.hess@autodesk.com
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 07:01:24 -0800


I had trouble compiling / installing Mono on Linux from the source code for several days 
now and finally I was able to reproduce the things needed to install mono that you can 
find in the README, the website, ...

Here is what I found:
1) You need to install pkgconfig under /usr if you install it under /usr/local the build scripts get
   confused and claims pkgconfig can not be found. Defining PKG_CONFIG_PATH (or whatever that 
   variable is called is not enough).

2) You need to have a running Mcs and Mono in your path in order to compile the sources correctly for
   the first time (e.g. install the rpm for 0.19).

After this initial compile you can uninstall mon-0.19 and everything works fine ever since :)

Does that make sense? Anyone else have similar experience? By the way I used Suse Linux 8.1 with no further installs other then what was needed for Mono.

-- Carsten