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Hi Sébastien!

I don't have tested you app yet, but it sounds good.

>To open a window, I used the "glutCreateWindow" feature.

Hmm... is it with glut possible, that it is platform-independet and can run 
on Linux/Unix _and_ Windows _and MacOS?
OpenGL (with GLUT) is platformindependet, the Mesa-implementation of OpenGL 
is platformindependent, C# is platformindependet. So why don't the 
C#-bindings for OpenGL be independent?
And at the project-page you have only mentioned Linux as Operating-System.

>PS: tell me what you think of http://sourceforge.net/projects/monoglo

I think, that Willem J.W. Semmelink is right. It would be good, if MonoGLo 
is based on or compatible to CsGL.
Or that MonoGLo and CsGL fusion.

An other point is, that I don't like, that MonoGLo is licensed under the 

CsGL is licensed under the MIT/BSD-license. Thats license is ok, I think.
The Mesa3D-library is licensed under an similar BSD-license.
At your project-page under http://sourceforge.net/projects/monoglo there 
stand "License: GNU General Public License (GPL)". Thats what I don't like. 
MonoGLo is a library. So BSD/MIT is ok and LGPL is ok, but not GPL!
(Btw: Adam have choosen for Qt# the same license) :-(


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