[Mono-list] Difference in assemblies

John BouAntoun John.BouAntoun@rogen.com.au
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 17:18:37 +1100

That book may have been targeted at the beta .Net Framework.

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Hi all!!!

While testing the examples in "A Programmer=B4s Introduction to C#" i =
the following sentence:
// compile with: csc /r:system.text.regularexpressions.dll regex.cs
but the current mono don't have an assembly with that name, instead it =
the System.Text namespace
in the System.dll assembly. I know it doesn't have too much importance =
example compile without problems once i realized that i just had to drop =
to the system.text.regularexpressions.dll assembly)
but perhaps it would be good to have the sames assemblies than MS .NET.

Well..., just an idea

Best regards and keep the marvelous work ;)


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