[Mono-list] System.Design.dll and System.ServiceProcess.dll Stubs

Bryan Livingston bryan@alphora.com
Tue, 4 Feb 2003 18:30:52 -0700

I'm tring to get a large app to run on mono and it's referencing two dlls
that don't appear to exist in mono yet (I'm running 0.19).  They are
Syste.Design.dll and System.ServiceProcess.dll.

While I don't need the part of code that is using those to run yet, I don't
want to fork my projects.  What is the plan for these two dlls?  I imagine
they are going to have to exist someday in order to be compatible, though I
doubt the NT service stuff will ever run.

What is involved with stubbing them out?

In the mean time I copied over the MS versions and while it works, there are
a bunch of strange warnings about references to MS dlls.  Are those warnings
anything to worry about?  Is it safe to copy them over like that, as long as
they aren't used?

Bryan Livingston