[Mono-list] Compiling Mono under windwos

carsten.hess@autodesk.com carsten.hess@autodesk.com
Tue, 4 Feb 2003 13:54:24 -0800

Yeah, did that as well .. The mono-build-sh.txt downloads a whole bunch =
of things and then crashes because it can't create a executable bug. =
The tarballs mcs can't resolve call "GetTransparentProxy()"=20

Also, this README.building says "go build mono" as 2nd step after "go =
get mono"- but well that doesn't work as it needs mcs to compile ...=20

Doesn't that look like a recursive dependency?


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El mar, 04-02-2003 a las 22:23, carsten.hess@autodesk.com escribi=F3:
> Hi,
> I tried to compile mono under Linux by using the cvs sources.=20
> Unfortuantely they don't come with a precompiled mcs ...
> But .. In order to compile an mono or the mcs you need a precompiled=20
> mcs.
> Compiling with mcs-0.19 doesn't work ...
> Help! ... How can I get a precompiled mcs to compile mono and mcs =
> is
> Compatible iwht the current source?

Follow the steps in mcs/README.building.


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